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Lil' Dragonair - Pokemon Clay Craft by catscratch10101 Lil' Dragonair - Pokemon Clay Craft :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 1 0 Pikachu - Pokemon Clay Craft by catscratch10101 Pikachu - Pokemon Clay Craft :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 0 0 3. phone comic by catscratch10101 3. phone comic :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 1 1 2. Masculine by catscratch10101 2. Masculine :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 0 0 1. Butterfly Ball by catscratch10101 1. Butterfly Ball :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 4 2 Kero and the holidays by catscratch10101 Kero and the holidays :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 1 2 Happy Holidays Everyone by catscratch10101 Happy Holidays Everyone :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 2 6 C2 IN A PIZZA COSTUME by catscratch10101 C2 IN A PIZZA COSTUME :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 27 29 Mahou Soujos by catscratch10101 Mahou Soujos :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 16 6 Us Three Creatures by catscratch10101 Us Three Creatures :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 12 29 mokona in kimono by catscratch10101 mokona in kimono :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 9 6 Mokonas by catscratch10101 Mokonas :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 20 18 commission for kittur-puff by catscratch10101 commission for kittur-puff :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 5 2 Stelvia by catscratch10101 Stelvia :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 2 4 syaoran and sakura Tsubasa by catscratch10101 syaoran and sakura Tsubasa :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 8 24 contest entry for kittur-puff by catscratch10101 contest entry for kittur-puff :iconcatscratch10101:catscratch10101 7 14


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Lil' Dragonair - Pokemon Clay Craft
Here is the second clay pokemon I have made EVER woot woot

like before, if you want to check out the video of me making it with some dope music playing then check this out for this clay making. 

and hey, if you want to check out other videos of me being… well, my awkward self, that’s cool. :iconbunnyglompplz:

Pikachu - Pokemon Clay Craft
hey so I’m just saying this here to put it out there first, I never said I was good at clay making/painting on top of that it was just something I wanted to try and I did it. THIS WAS MY FIRST ONE EVERRRRRRRR. :iconfoxyayzplz:
It was fun and I’ve made others mainly cuz I enjoyed doing it, so yeah…. 
If you want to check out the video of me making it with some dope music playing then check this out for this clay making. 

and hey, if you want to check out other videos of me being… well, my awkward self, that’s cool. 

Also I know I haven’t been on here for QUITE some time, but maybe I’ll get back into doing some drawings again….. we shall see ;)


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Second Commission- :iconkittur-puff: - completed! :)
First Commission - :iconxxxevenxxx: - completed! :)
request - :iconlittlesister26: - done!!

hello so I'm doing commissions because I would enjoy having some points (maybe for a premium membership if i get enough and to donate to other artists!!) :3 I think it will be fun!!
I may accept requests from friends, but you will have to download it. I do not mail and I would like points for it. Here's how to determine it!
**also try to be discriptive in what you want like link to character, holing a star, stary night backround! **

Point Commission Prices:

Chibis: 10 points
Example: (I can do chibis, anime/manga, or my own style that can be seen in some pics)

Lineart, sketch: 8 points

Clean lineart, color, no backround: 10 points
Example: or

Full backround, color: 13 points
Example: or or (i dont really have one up yet)

Add 3 for each extra person

Any more than that, ask for the price! And please make sure you have the points BEFORE you ask, and tell me that you have them!!!
I also do not do nude pics. No. Just....... no.
Art Trades are accepted also


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Ehhh wazzup?
:iconloveluvplz: :iconhello1plz::iconhello2plz: :iconloveluvplz:
I like doing random things with my friends, drawing, reading, laughing (happily or on the rare times evilly), love animals (I actually work in a vets clinic) and so forth... I love music and here in the picture is Kevin from UKiss and the drawing is supposed to be me (i did it really quick) hope everyone is well!

:iconhungaryplz: :iconkittyhungaryplz: :iconkawaiihungary-plz: :iconnekogaryplz: :iconchibihungaryplz: :iconsexyhungaryplz: :iconreturnvitalregionplz: :iconceilinghungaryplz: :iconpervyhungaryplz: :iconyayhungaryplz: :iconhungary-plz: :iconhungaryapprovedplz: :iconhungaryseizevitalplz: :iconhungaryrapefaceplz:

Favourite genre of music: I like a wide vareity of music
Favourite style of art: If its cute awesome or funny i wil like it :P
MP3 player of choice: Sandisk (because i have one)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica,
Code Geass,
Tsubasa Chronicles,
Tsubasa Chronicles: Tokyo Revelations,
Tsubasa Chronicles: Spring Thunder,
xXxHolic: Kei,
The Familiar of Zero,
Axis Powers Hetalia,
Galaxy Angel,
Angel Beats,
Earl and Fairy,
Mythical detective Loki Raganork,
Zombie Loan,
Ouran high school Host Club,
Tokyo Mew Mew,
Pandora Hearts,
Princess Tutu,
FullMetal Alchemist,
and more i cant remember at the moment....
So I've been away from deviant art for so long but I'm back!!.. for now at least :iconsighingplz: but I thought for the rest of the summer to make a goal to complete a drawing kinda meme thing. Anyway, I just put one together from random ones that i found to get some ideas..... so I'm hoping to complete it. 
Here it is:

1. Draw something with a stereotypically feminine theme or style. (Flowers, pastel colours, beautiful subjects?) :iconmonkeydancerplz:
2. Draw something with a stereotypically masculine theme or style. (Action, explosions, rough lines and angles?) :iconherotimeplz:
3. Draw a short comic of 3-7 panels
4. A 10-frame animation. (Flash, Flash Player. Adobe Imageready, etc)
5. Draw anything with animals. If you usually draw these often, draw an animal you have never EVER drawn before. :iconfoxyayzplz:
6. Draw something from the bird-eye view.
7. Draw a battle. :icondragonmad2plz:
8. Draw a bird flying.:iconangrybirdsplz:
9. Draw a portrait of a live human of your choice. Caricature or realistic.
10. Pick two characters (your own or someone elses), male and female. Genderbender them
11. Draw character-interaction, preferably something you don't usually do (like if you normally do "boylove" then hetero-pairings would be a nice change? same applies to people who always draw girls and boys together.) also if you usually do erotica, try friendship, and if you've never tried anything steamy, now's the chance.
12. male or female. Design a decorative makeup/tattoo to decorate the face
13. Sketch a dynamic pose of a human. Feets can't touch ground and hands can't be on sides of the waist. No matter if you finish or not. :icondragontired:
14. Draw a character (yours or someone elses) in a style of another series or person. (Not your own style.)

Anywho, Chiao for now!!!! :icondragonsleep:


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